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Welcome to my Web site. Check out my new novel, Blood Relations: The Documentary. It's available on Amazon by clicking here where you can read an excerpt. This is what it's about...

When Freddie, the head of the MidWest Vampire Nation, bites Malcolm, he gets a recruit who surpasses his expectations and changes his metabolism. Malcolm survives the bite; he finds a new friend and a family unlike anything he has ever known; and he gives his new family a taste of "the real world." Malcolm trains in the Vampire way of life, a hidden life that lasts forever. With no way back to his past and all sorts of new challenges ahead - from dietary to moral to economic - Malcolm finds love in the Vampire community and makes a pledge that will have to span the ages, no matter what.

Malcolm didn't choose to be immortal, but he'll damned well have to adapt.

Most kids don't think, "I want to be a Vampire when I grow up," but as you'll learn from the candid interviews in this documentary, they could find many opportunities in Vampire families - interesting jobs, lots of travel, great benefits, and relatives from hell.

A fresh take on the vampire genre. Full of humor, excitement, and inventive twists. Edgy, like Holden Caulfield with the training wheels off.

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